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(adj.)1. describes a kitten or cat in a state of hyperactiveness.

2. to be bitchy or mean
1."Shadow is being fricky, she's bouncing off the walls!"

2."Man, shadow is being fricky, she just scratched me for no reason."
#hyper #bitchy #pissy #psycho #crazy
by Samiches December 03, 2006
1.a one word statement meaning "you're just a little bacon head"

2.also an adjective for a fricky cat. seefricky
1."Josh, you're a little gupple!"

2."Shadow Gee is being a gupple, I'd stay away from her if I were you."
#bacon head #weiner butt #bunket #geeefend #statacater
by Samiches December 03, 2006
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