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gunting is the art of hunting for women with gunts in the wild and collecting their gunt butter to sell to midgets as a growth hormone this is a very dangerous occupation
"timmy lost an arm last week whilst gunting the flab from that gunt bitch tore it clean off"
by leigh citroen-symes November 05, 2007
To viciously and feverishly massage a woman's g-spot with your hand or other parts
He worked up a real sweat as he was gunting her until orgasm
by The Blade of Cyan September 07, 2015
Guy hunting. The act of hunting around nightclubs/malls.etc for hot guys.
Jessica: I'm so sad the Ed broke up with me
Zoe: OMGOSH lets go gunting! well find you a hot guy
by zaspri July 17, 2011
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