The act of urinating into a bottle or milk carton, then pouring it out the window, usually due to being too far from or too tired to use the toilette.
Carl: How much did you drink last night!?
Harry: Enough to do a Gundo.
by 8laneman8 December 29, 2010
Top Definition
The act of rushing to score before all players are in game. To cap a flag in capture the flag before all players are able to move due to connection times.
This can be done in online gaming instead of waiting for all participants to enter the game. Usually done by insecure players who feel a need to score before all opponents are there as this is the only way they might score. eg: That asshole just Gundo'd the flag ! WTF , Who gundo'd the flag?

the cheating prick...
by JDmon February 14, 2011
n: 1: a dildo shaped like a gun; usually shaped like a smith and wesson 6-shooter
that porn star was fucking her in the ass with a gundo
by d-man December 11, 2003
the name for an awful little town filled with rich thugs in Los Angeles. Formerly known as "El Segundo."
"Yo bitches don't know me, I roll out of ESHS. That's right motha fucka, Gundo. You'd best step."
by Henry Thoreau April 04, 2009
indian gangsters that are ver strong and will hurt you if u mess with them
Mistah F.O.B is a gundo from the delhi who is very strong
by gundo saab April 29, 2007
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