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1. To show or feel great adventure in search of weird predicaments; rejoice in nature while moderately to seriously intoxicated; exult excitement in ridiculous activities of likely unknown consequences.
2. To celebrate a jubilee or joyful occasion or just a regular old evening with one’s friends while seeking out lofty aspirations of glory with potential mildly but not seriously regrettable side effects.
“Though this sudden setback of hypothermia was slightly unexpected, the duo was proud they gundoed themselves late in the evening after jumping out of the chariot that was destined for their fearless leader’s warm and welcoming mountain den.” – Diary of Parshe, from her* time as an adventurous whippersnapper who liked to partay.

“Oh hell no, there is no way I am going to get sucked into getting gundoed again after our last time when we ended up on a train destined for Stockton while wearing our custom pimp suits and ended up in a car filled with junkies who wanted to play dice with us and just so happened to be ex dice-masters who took our pimp suits right off our backs leaving us only in our thongs that we thought were hilarious when we bought them 4 hours and 10 shots before the train ride. But I do kind of want to go....” – Memoir of a Gaucho circa 2009.
by Mystika July 31, 2012

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