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used by druggies, a quater of an ounce
Man, are we buyin that quatch
by D-Man April 16, 2005
1.The darkest of dark people;adj.
2.Used to describe something that is run down or ghetto or something you don't like.
4.Pure Darkness
5.*Not used in a racial sense*
6.Dark Chocolate
Word derived from the basketball player Kueth Duaney

Ex. Dave was acting very kueth after looking at his girlfriends baby pictures.
by D-man March 29, 2005
A whip-like slap using the back of the hand directed at the target's chest. Contact should be made with the index, middle, and ring finger against the target's nipple.
Cary bediced Don after the foosball game.
by D-Man March 26, 2004
noun. 1. pertaining to money
2. can be substituted for any other noun.

verb. 1. to go
noun. i can't pay for dinner, i'm out of gizzo.

verb. hurry up, slut. let's gizzo
by d-man December 10, 2003
n: 1- a vagina; see also v,poon
i'd never eat that girl's bloody hatchet wound
by d-man December 11, 2003
bgoat meenz the best at thug2 n 1 glitching and owner of all n00bs like u
www.bgoat.com is tha site of noobs that bgoat own3s.BUT BGOAT SITE ISNT A NOOBISH SITE ITS 4 KEWL PPL
by d-man March 25, 2005
This is when you can't find some hoe's gap because the hoes belly hangs out farther than the hoes titty's do.
Damn, I wanted to get all up in Monique's gap, but she got a titty do.
by D-Man January 28, 2005

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