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to dissappear or to make someone dissappear. To leave without a trace.
I could not get to the bottom of things so I found it necessary to milk carton.
by nick May 09, 2005
When you milk a bong so good, it becomes a milk carton.
You're milking the shit out of that bong John, that's a damn milk carton right there.
by Dave Lawrence July 19, 2014
a pussy that can hold a nice amount of cumm
damn shaudi got a milk carton
by bvng bvng July 16, 2014
Milk Carton - When a HUMAN BEING acts like a lost puppy, and trails the nearest person they find like a ghost.

Both referred to as Milk Carton, for 1. having the appearance of a lost child on a milk carton. Or 2. still somehow attached to their mother's tit.
Okay, you guys, we have to seriously create some insane escape route from this area…there is a Milk Carton wondering around…if he see's any of us we are all fucked for the rest of the day!! He'll never leave us alone!!
by IIIXIII313 May 29, 2011
To snatch, rob, or take without asking when the owner isn't looking also when a joke is cracked on someone its called a milk carton.must scream milk carton when this happens
When Mrs.sidoti left the classroom, Zach milk cartoned all her pencils.
by [Baby_Zach] August 11, 2006
when a girl or guy is giving you oral sex when you ejaculate.push his or her head down on your penis show she spews semen and pukes.
man i gave debbie a milk carton last night.
by cory funk May 13, 2008