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A game you do not want to play.
A game where 2 races exists(noobs and pros).
A game full of singaporeans who constantly spams with the word "la", "lar" or "liao".
Don't play Gunbound.
by Psycho June 22, 2004
A great on-line game, free downloadable, where you drive a tank and shoot weapons , aiming with angle and power to kill your enemies. The problem is that there are a lot of annoying people , cursing , botting , hacking so you may be annoyed soon. Interesting too is to find a way to do the perfect shot (please consider wind deviation) by searching from some secret formula, shooting by feel, using a ruler in the monitor screen it is fun. You get ranks and credits. You can also pay real money for credits and with credits you can buy stuff : armour , defense , attack , etc.
As in every game, you can get bored after a while , but in my personal experience, Gunbound provides you with a very nice feel of community and online-gaming , even if the comunity is a nasty one , so as our world sometimes tend to be.
Ride on your mobile , pick your weapon and start playing Gunbound
by Jose Ferro July 05, 2005
gunbound, a popular game amongst idiots, who think it's the best thing that's ever happened to their lives. a friend of mine showed it to me and i got hooked for a while, now it's been 1 year i haven't played. retarded game.
personA: press start you idiot
newb: jajaja estupido, ta mare !!!!
personA: fuk you man , latino pussy..
personB: peru suks la !
by Xhamlliku October 28, 2004
A massive multiplayer online role playing game(mmorpg)it is full of adolescents who call themselves "noobs" and "aimbotters" on many occasions.Fun at times, but it will get boring.(i quit in half a year)Consists of moving mobile-type things that shoot damage to their opponents,most people play in teams.It is quickly losing interest around USA, Gunbounds demographics are roughly about 80% asian,some cacausians, & an occasional peruan or mexican.In conclusion, Gunbound is unappropriate for the mature. Rated immature, for idiots 13 years or younger..
Friend: Hey dude!I got new avtar yesterday!

Me: What are you talking about?


Me:Another one bites the dust..
by KeepingItSimple April 16, 2006
A very cool online Korean game that's kind of a mix between Worms and Scorched Earth.
Go to www.gunbound.net and www.gunbound-hq.com to see what it's all about!
by Kenthar August 27, 2003
A game that encourages homosexuality. Original idea taken from the pwning game series, Worms.
Gunbound Player: Let's ignore all of our other friends and play this game together.
by Kamikaze MatchstickMen December 28, 2004
a stupid fag ass game which is from korea and it sucks balls and every1 who plays it is a fag and noob and loser and have to get a life.
gunbound player1:0mfgz0rz dis game r0x!
gunbound player2:hellz yeah it does!
anti gunbound:0mfgz0rz neebs u m0therphucking playing that stupid fagass game?
by admin March 31, 2005