A game that you can get banned from WAY to easily
MK: ROFL i got banned from gunbound from posting this site: www.ryano.net/iraq/?1075839
good thing it was only for 3 days.

Other dude: Softnyx is a bunch of pussies
by DDRDooD May 28, 2004
A rather fun Korean game, similar to the popular "Worms" game. The object of the game is to carefully aim and shoot projectiles from one of several "Mobiles". This game now sucks because it is hacker proof.
(newbie gets the Knight as a random mobile)
NOOB:shoots but misses
pro: haha you s uck, chick!
noob: I'M A GUY LOSER!
pro: sigh...
by theskiesbled April 01, 2004
Unoffically known to many as AznBound. This game is put out by the azn community for the azn community and some how other races latched onto it. It is also commonly played by CS players who think they are cal-m+ and are to good to actually practice CS by scrimming.
HEY DOODz, lets go play some aznbound after your done with that scrim!
by play January 20, 2004

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