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A fun, addicting online game where you choose a mobile tank and try to shoot enemy tanks with different types of weapons. You can customize your player (called an avatar) with new avatar items that you buy with gold (that you earn from playing) or real cash (the stupid way to go). Too bad there are too many idiots and people who don't speak English. Also, there are lots of glitches and crashes that make the game a bit less pleasant than I would like. Watch out for hackers!
Me: ready up people!
someone: jajajajajajaja! QUE PAAAAAAAAASA! tu mama es una puta! jajajajaja!
Me: >_<;; *game starts* *misses a shot*
someone: OMG YOU MISSED YOU FRICKING n00B!!!!!!11
Me: ...
by GunBoundRox September 08, 2004

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