When something is described as cool or the best
That fucking Ferrari is gun.
New cell phones are gun
by Paruwa May 18, 2008
An artilery peice designed to take out people, vehicles, and/or buildings from a large distance. Not, contrary to popular belefe, a firearm.
The general ordered them to take out the barracks, where the enemy where located, with the artilery gun.
by LotharVP June 05, 2010
A gun is attractive male, who spend a alot of time on buliding his physique.
look at that gun bro, his got big arms!
aww bab, how hot is that guy what a gun body, rofl
by gangster09 April 20, 2009
This word is for all those people who have children or relatives that lay around their house all day or will not get out of bed on time. The child or relative must also understand instant messaging. You can now shout..."GUN." Repeatedly if you like. If you shout it loud enough and with enough conviction, it will scare them to death, or at lease get them to open an eye.

John, you lazy bum,it's 11 o'clock...GUN!...GUN!...GUN!
by Joe Roberts March 02, 2008
Cocked, Locked, and ready to shoot (balls made sperm, boner, and ready to shoot sperm)
person #1: my penis is like a gun.
person #2: whats that mean.
person #1: cocked, locked and ready to shoot.
person #2: ohhhh hahah
by skterkid1225 February 05, 2008
The male equilvalent of a grenade. They're so ugly they make you want to take a gun to your head. If you see a gun, you run...they're only good for the grenades.
Sweetie, that boy was a gun. I'm sure that fat chick over there would love his company. Poor grenades&guns
by GFZfolife September 06, 2010
A slang term for an erect Penis, most often used by sex-hungry young professional women from West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The word is particularly used in this context on occasions of sexual arousal during "dirty talk".
"Why don't you just give give me your gun?"
by absolutejw January 23, 2010
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