can be used in basketball,describe a person who is a ball hog or shoots a lot
1:a yo mike is a scrub
2:i no he went gun the whole fourth quater
by kizzle August 16, 2004
a machine used for killing and/or extreme pain by shooting a bullet at extreme speeds at them

or a stupid term used by middle school students meaning to diss
1. Joey got shot by a gun and was luck to survive. He got paralyzedd from his neck down though.

2. MIddleschooler 1:I bout to gun you!
Ms2: Ma nigga are we gunnin?
Ms3: Yo dey bout to start gunnin!
Ms1: Yea nigga we gunnin!
Ms3: Ahhhhhhhh snap!
you can also use the terms roast, deep fry, sautay, broil, bake, put you on a stick and cook you. told you they were slow.
by Sexy Ass chicka May 10, 2007
short for "shotgun"; used when you are trying to get the front passenger seat when you and your friends are piling into a car to go somewhere; complete opposite of the seat know as "bitch"
Get the fuck out of the front seat Shitstick, I called gun.
by madchiller July 27, 2006
1. a fuckin' awsomely ripped arm (yes there could be 2...)
2. a thing that shoot bullets
1. Did you buy your tickets? ... to what? ... THE GUN SHOW!
2. Danm it yo, i got shot in the leg by a gun.
by Atta' Boy December 31, 2005
The American's favorite word.
"YEEEEHAWWW, ENIS! We gonna go hunt some mahhhhh-beasters with this gun I found!"
by Doctor Gorby May 07, 2007
Basically in enlish terms it means dick penis
Yo want to take a look at my "gun?"
by Jessica November 26, 2003
a teenagers best friend for payback for ruining teenage lives
dad: go to your room

teenager you pissed me off for the last time now you die!

dad what is that!

teenager AK-47

dad whered you get that gun and the other guns

teenager black market

dad why

i wanted to kill you for a long time and you day of ruin is here!


mom WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!

teenager the deed has been done time to get rid orf my ak-47

teenager shit cops!

teenager dump the gun!
by parents suck dick December 19, 2009

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