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Energy drink for people that need gratuitous amounts of energy!
SPORTS you'll be good at them!!
With all new flavors like SHOCKLATE!! Chocolate energy!! Its like adding chocolate to an ELECTRICAL STORM!!
If you like Strawberry...How about RAWBERRY!!!
Made with lightning!! REAL LIGHTNING!!!!!!
You'll have energy running all the time!!
Power lifting, power sleeping, power dating, power spawning babies!!! You will have soo many babies! 400 babies!!!! Then you feed Shocklate to your babies and they'll become good at SPORTS!!
And they'll run ABNORMALLY FAST!
They'll compete against Kenyans, they'll run as fast as Kenyans, they'll run past people that think they're Kenyans, then there'll be a tie and they'll be deported back to KENYA!!!
You'll be moving soo fast mother nature will be like SlOw DoWn! And you'll be like FUCK YOU and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!!!
Be smart don't gamble on your energy.
Holy Shit!! Ive got PowerThirst!!
by Andrew Da SIlva June 21, 2007
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The ultimate energy drink! Gives you so much energy, man power and speed! You'll be so fast mother nature will be like... "S-L-O-W D-O-W-N" and you'll be like "FUCK YOU" and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!
"Man, I'm racing in the olympics against some kenyans tomorrow, better drink some powerthirst so I can kick their asses"
by 69winkies January 10, 2008
electrolytes, power lights, more lights than


you'll be so fast; Mother Nature will be like


and you'll be like FUCK YOU and kick her in the face with your

Give Power Thirst to your babies and they'll be good at SPORTS make your babies run ABNORMALLY FAST they'll run as fast as KENYANS people will watch them running and think they're KENYANS they'll race as fast as KENYANS that means actual KENYANS then it'll be a tie and they'll be deported back to

by shihmastawan January 29, 2008
When god hands you lemons you find a new god! Godberry, KING OF THE JUICE! Drink powerthirst and you'll have so many babies! 400 babies!
Powerthirst is crystal meth!
by uhgiutjgklt4r February 14, 2009
An extreme energy drink with such side effects as glowing sweat, bear-blasting, and hump-catting. Its the ultimate thirst quencher. Comes in such flavors as manana, fizz bitch, gun, woman, and doves. It fills you with perposterous amounts of testosterone! PERPOSTERONE! You will be good at EVERYTHING FOREVER!!!! you will be good at running!, football!, Arsin!, Weddings!, and....ART! Power Thirst is crystal meth in a can, its crystal meth in a can. POWER THRIIST IS CRYSTAL METH!!

warning: it may contain Anna Kournikova .
I forgot to buy glow sticks for that rave party...good thing i had power thirst and got glowing sweat!
by Hobitses November 13, 2007
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