A tool that can equalize the playing field between an arrogant big man and a scared little man.
Japan banned guns in the 1500s because peasants, who had little combat experience, were using them to overthrow the samurai caste with little effort needed.
by Shadow Creator October 26, 2007
Gun. You know, barrel, trigger, bullet, bang bang you're dead. guns are the cat's best friend

Well known fact: guns don't kill people, flaming shoulder pads kill people. Often times with guns. Unless the Gun misfires, killing the shooter, in which case, yes, guns do kill people.

Well, the gun helps.

This fact was tested scientifically by the Royal Society in 1701, and they discovered that in fact bullets kill people most of the time, and guns kill people if you smack them upside the head with them.

Fuck, my head hurts. Just shoot me now.

There are some cases also, in which you may have a friend called Gun that does not like you very much. But that's part of life anyway... and Son of a Gun isn't very nice at times either.

The gun consists of three principal components: the barrel, the projectile and the propellant. The propellant is a rapidly expanding substance which forces the bullet down the barrel and towards the intended target. The shooter must be sure to never mess up (like firing the barrel by holding the propellant or by manually pushing the bullets through the barrel to push the propellant).

On leaving the barrel the bullet causes a supersonic shock wave to be emitted which propagates towards the victim, causing distraction. Often, guns are fitted with noise-enhancing devices to increase this effect.

The modern firearm is equipped with a spark chamber, designed to produce muzzle flash. This is to allow guns to be used as ad-hoc flashlights in darkened areas by repeated firing. The flash also acts to scare and unnerve the victim. In fact, in the early days of photography before the invention of the flashbulb, photographs were illuminated by the discharge of a large cannon. This made the photographer amongst the deadliest of professions.

Post-modern weaponry, consists of phasors which emit a powerful beam which is enough to cut a loaf of bread into slices suitable for eating by dwarf-humans, Klingons and Bacterium alike. The beam is often colorful, to prevent boredom in between in-ship battles, and to create some random distraction for the enemies to look at.

Guns in Entertainment

Guns are used in many TV shows and movies. They are often used out of context, such as being a soother for a baby, rather than a deadly weapon.

Guns are used in the TV show 24. This is a show about how Jack Bauer runs around killing people with guns.

Ray guns are often used in the show Star Trek, in which the main characters shoot the bad characters. It is widely disputed as to whether their ray guns are accurate portrayal of real ray guns. It should be noted that guns are known to fire metal bullets rather than lasers.

Why do people die from gun?

In Soviet Russia, people kill GUNS!! ~ Charlton Heston, NRA spokesman

Often the shock of a bright flash, loud "bang" and sharp metal projectile travelling at upwards of 300 metres per second can Lead to Psychological effects such as Heart arrhythmia, fainting and Farting. The most common effect is Diarrhea. This is why, in a firefight, the stronger will prevails - weaker shooters (typically terrorists or Imperial Storm-Troopers) will drop like flies from the stress of the experience and the weight of their full underwear, whereas those of a heroic disposition (such as Americans and Jedi) will withstand the nerve-rattling experience and survive.

A commonly held Myth is that bullets penetrating the flesh will kill people. A simple back-of-envelope calculation reveals the flaw in this argument. By modelling bullets as point particles, and people as one-dimensional strings, one can see that the chance of a bullet hitting a person, even in a crowd of thousands, is infinitesimally small. The Truth is that Death from guns is often due to the sheer surprise of being shot at.

That said, being hit by a bullet is a common experience for the clinically obese, and the resulting pain and injury can often result in substantial fecal weight loss.

A study conducted by the university of Scmiillicettittisinndamorghning in wales shows that people who get shot generaly die of some form of leadpoisoning. This awkward result has been classified by several gun toting rightwing trailertrash slobs as trival information, or so says the whitehouse "If them folks are dumb enough to stand infront a speedin bullet. Now ya hear".


Guns are brilliant tools of illegal death. Murder and Suicide are the best examples. As one of the troops in an Al-Quaida training camp said shortly before shooting herself three times in the head with an AK47 from different angles and then putting the weapons tidily back into the armoury (that part is actually true): "Don't leave me, i've had death threats," which is obvious code for "I am a zombie and will kill myself to please our lord Jesus christ who died for all of our sins." Her Suicide note which wasn't written in her handwriting, leads Scientists to believe she used her zombie Psychic powers to make someone else write it, who coincidentally didn't like her. This is likely inspired by the late JFK's suicide, which involved stabbing himself three times in the back, pissing on his own dead body and throwing himself off a bridge. This is indeed an accomplishment in suicide.

Guns don't kill people. People don't kill people. The bullets and/or the shock of the blast or the person bleeding is what kills them. The gun is blamed because it helps and the person is responsible because they were just around when the person died.

Other countries have varying laws for guns, gun crimes, and gun control.

Guatemala: It is mandatory a gun is given to all babies of 5 months of age and up.

Canada: Canadians are too shy to operate guns. Canada has no gun-related deaths.

Japan: Grenade Launchers are constantly circulated througout this country by the mafia. Dogs must be licensed to own a firearm.

Australia: Guns are banned in Australia, so the government can feel safe that the population won't rise up against them. Knives are preferable.

The United States: There are no guns in this country. Most people will vomit at the sight of them.

New Zealand: Many native species are threatened with extinction, including but not limited to; kiwi, tuatara, moa, proud-mullet-wearing bogans, hobbits and 'real' men. This is the result of Captain Cook introducing firearms to the native sheep in 1770, at the same time introducing women, rambo-style headbands, and a hearty cocktail called "the Wilde Captain" made from seawater, chocolate icecream, and methylated spirits and named after a certain British author. Sheep, usually docile, innocent, cuddly animals went abso-frikkin-lutely postal in a multi-cultural, genocidal, extravaganza, with much "Are you talkin' to me?" and "Do you feel lucky, punk?"ing (sic). Their lush white feathers were stained the blood of their foes for a millenia. All hail our glorious sheep overlords!

Germany: Children commit 97% of gun crimes. A Banana can be purchased at any Mom and Pop adult video store.

Zimbabwe: This highly industrialized nation has made the most advances in laser technology, and keeps guns closely guar
“Careful with that axe, Eugene...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Gun(s)
by kodiac1 July 12, 2006
1- A weapon that shoots projectiles, it will hurt you, so whatever you do, don't push the trigger. But if you do, sometimes it makes bad people go away. =)

2- A penis.
Guns don't kill people, people kill people... guns sure help though.
by The Robinator March 25, 2004
An inanimate object, made of metal alloys, that has the capability to discharge ammunition consisting of a bullet, casing, powder and primer. Despite common misconceptions, guns, or more properly, firearms, do not have a magical, evil effect on anyone who is fit to use them. (Which happens to be anybody who is sane and does not have homocidal or suicidal tendencies) Also, the false belief that banning firearms under law leads to less crimes is false, as what happens when said firearms are banned is the criminals have all the firearms(as they are criminals, and therefore have no respect for the law), and not the good-doing, law-abiding citizens now have no effective means of protection.

Here in Canada, we have a long-gun (rifle, shotgun) registry. What's next, an edged and blunt object registry, meant to curb knife violence?
Example: Remington Model 700 CDL (gun, bolt action rifle, commonly used for hunting big game)
Example: Colt Canada C7 (gun, the current service rifle of the Canadian Land Forces, based on the American M16, but improved)
by The guy whose name you don't know February 06, 2007
Really huge muscles. commonly used as for body builders and football players. also used for people who think they got big muscles but really don't.

A weapon/tool/source of entertainment. Used to kill people animals and targets. shoots Bullet(s)
1."Damn check these guns bitches."
2. "What u mean those piles of shit stuck to your arms?"

"i own a gun. FEAR ME!!!"
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
peacemakers in the war on twilght/Justin Beiber fans.
(May be inaffective unless a silver bullet is used)
Man 1:Why do we have all these guns?
Man 2: because its time for the grammys..
Man 1: What does that mean?
Man 2: justin beiber will attend...and so will those guys from twilight.
Man 1:Oh i get it.*cocks gun*
by whipster1 June 22, 2010
1) Weapon used to fire bullets. Faimous ones are 357 Magnum and Glock.

2) Word used by bodybuilders when speaking of the biceps muscles. Could also refer to the whole arm, but this is normally not the case. SYN: Gunz

3) Refering to the band: Guns and Roses
1) Yo, I'll shoot you with my 9mm gun, nizzle

2) Check out those gunz of German giant Markus Rühl

3) Heard the new single by Guns and Roses yet d00d?
by [1337 kR3w] Le Buk Sportif^ June 02, 2004
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