linear game with a decent amount of bugs which was not supposed to be a MMORPG rather than a 1 person adventure. has good graphics, very bad movement control, corny storylines and boring gameplay.
guy1: yo i just got guild wars
guy2: well pop it in lets see
guy1: i guess you dont need a disc if theyre only asking for a key, why do they provide the disk anyway..?
guy2: what class should i pick?
guy1: lets try one of each and play it out for 4 hours
*4 hours later*
guy1: that was nice scenery and great character design
guy2: yeah, too bad it repeats itself on almost every courner and the quests cant be solo'd unless you have a bunch of defensive moves on you and last the battle out, the dungeons are ok but again very repetitive, almost like ur in a deja vu over and over again
guy1: ok lets try the pvp content since everyone brags about it
*3 hours later*
guy1: So they have random arenas for kicks that youre dependent on your team on winning, team arenas, the hero battles, the faction wars..
guy2: and faction wars is also made that some pvp levels are made for a specific faction so they have a higher chance of winning because its made in favor for them, making it unfair gameplay
guy1: man, this game sucks balls, uninstall it
guy2: *uninstalls* good riddance
#guild wars #mmorpg #sucks #balls #online
by Devourox August 30, 2008
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An awesome game.

Guild Wars is our savior.
Johnny got Guild Wars for his birthday and it made him rich and famous. True story.
by D3k October 13, 2004
Although different in concept to other MMORPGs, Guild Wars has proved to be a creditable and righteous game for people familiar with the genre. Even newbies will find this game all sorts of fun, as it is not hard to learn the basics of the game.
The main jobs available thus far are:

You can combine to have any one as a primary/secondary job and get attributes from both (but only the special attribute of your primary job).
Quests are a lot of fun and the graphics are a delight.

I've been malspending my money playing FFXI, a game in which you payed a monthly fee and you had so much of a hard time getting Gil (FFXI currency) that 90% of the people actually buy it online... This sort of nonsense is not seen in Guild Wars. Get this game if you're a fan of the likes of World of Warcraft.
I've been playing Guild Wars for a month now, it's great!
by oriya June 01, 2005
A game WAY better than WoW...NO MONTHLY FEES!!

Focuses mainly on PvP

"Enemy Captured Altar!"

"Flawless Victory!"
by DavidSmith May 31, 2005
A MMORPG like WoW, without the side effects(Loss of Friends/Girlfriend, GPA goes wayy down, etc.)
Billy: OMFG I have a 1337 level 60 in WoW it took me like a Friking year to get him.
Mike: I have a Level 20(Level Cap) in Guild wars + a Girlfriend! Oh yeah Im going to Spiderman 8: Green Goblin's Revenge Part III on Friday. Wanna Come?

Billy: OMFG, you n00b, I dont do things with friends! LOL, I have a raid, LMAO, what do you think I have, A life
#guild wars #wow #mmorpg #ipod #halo #gw #world of warcraft
by Nad Worc October 26, 2006
Like any MMORPG, Guild Wars has features such as an advanced Battle system, PvP, quests, missions, and varying monsters.

Unlike ANY MMORPG, Guild Wars is 100% free, with no monthly fee. And yet, the graphics still blow Blizzard's World of Warcraft totally away. It is definately worth the wait, and will arrive finally at our doors on the 28th of April.
I play Guild Wars online using's server. I really like Guild Wars.
by Tagban April 13, 2005
A free MMORPG that focuses on Group combat as opposed to solo play. The game contains six classes that range from Warrior to Elementalist (Wizard) The game is based on playing for fun, not leveling to get an uberpowerful charecter. The game is still in beta and will be released April 28th. The game is only playable on special weekends termed beta weekends.
Oh man, the next beta isn't until april....... I'm SO BORED!
Dude, your elementalist ROCKS!
I can't wait to get to Lion's Arch.
I like Old Ascalon Better!
by Lectalist Flaminghands March 30, 2005
A great, free MMORPG, see Guild Wars
DUDE, ALL I DID THIS WEEKEND WAS PLAY GUILDWARS. IT ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! But seriously, its better that Everquest or WoW
by Lectalist Flaminghands March 30, 2005
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