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1) A profession in Guild Wars based on spells and magic.

2) the best dancers (both male and female) in Guild Wars.
1) "hey should I be an elementalist for my primary profession?"

2) "theres a female elementalist dancing in town, lets go get a free show!"
by Supittsu June 10, 2005
one who usually uses magick to control the elements of nature a.k.a. fire, water, earth, wind, snow, wood, etc.
no example needed. use ur friggin imagination dammit.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 23, 2005
An elementalist is a person who uses elemental magic. Elements can be defined as Wind, Light, Fire, Dark, Earth, and Water, and each element has a group of sub-elements. Some people use multiple elements.
"Most people in Electrokinetics class are Wind elementalists. Lightning belongs to the element of Wind."

"She's a rainbow elementalist. Amazing, right? All 6 elements under her control."
#wizard #naturalist #human #element #elementlist #elemental
by Wind Delcarlo, Electrokinetic. October 01, 2013
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