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1) A profession in Guild Wars based on spells and magic.

2) the best dancers (both male and female) in Guild Wars.
1) "hey should I be an elementalist for my primary profession?"

2) "theres a female elementalist dancing in town, lets go get a free show!"
by Supittsu June 10, 2005
17 8
one who usually uses magick to control the elements of nature a.k.a. fire, water, earth, wind, snow, wood, etc.
no example needed. use ur friggin imagination dammit.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 23, 2005
15 10
An elementalist is a person who uses elemental magic. Elements can be defined as Wind, Light, Fire, Dark, Earth, and Water, and each element has a group of sub-elements. Some people use multiple elements.
"Most people in Electrokinetics class are Wind elementalists. Lightning belongs to the element of Wind."

"She's a rainbow elementalist. Amazing, right? All 6 elements under her control."
by Wind Delcarlo, Electrokinetic. October 01, 2013
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