World of Warcraft for poor people.
"Guild Wars is free to play online."
by Jeeze November 01, 2006
World of Warcraft for the poor man. Nuff said.
Guild Wars is why I get out of bed in the moring.
by Stan Lightsaber May 11, 2006
the poor man version of WoW
Person 1: Dude, wanna play WoW?
Person2: Sorry, I'm too poor so i can't see how much better WoW is than guild wars
person:'re lame
by edd wilson October 26, 2006
Guild Wars is a game enjoyed by people who want the aspects of a MMORPG but do not want to pay for it. Although a seemingly good idea, the concept will eventually fail because you can't pay employees forever when you have a limited cash pot.

The game is also good for noobs who want to start playing at max level.
by Douglass June 24, 2005
A game that is like MMORPG and FPS combined.
Just like any other Asian game (this one by NCSoft), this one was good in beta, but got ruined after two weeks taht it went retail. Very repetitive and nerfed to hell.
by bastion booger July 29, 2005

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