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Like any MMORPG, Guild Wars has features such as an advanced Battle system, PvP, quests, missions, and varying monsters.

Unlike ANY MMORPG, Guild Wars is 100% free, with no monthly fee. And yet, the graphics still blow Blizzard's World of Warcraft totally away. It is definately worth the wait, and will arrive finally at our doors on the 28th of April.
I play Guild Wars online using Arena.net's server. I really like Guild Wars.
by Tagban April 13, 2005
The hit sequel to Warcraft II, this game features state of the art RTS (Real Time Strategy) gaming experience. It is the most acclaimed of 'Blizzard's' 'Craft' series.
In Warcraft III, the Night Elves, are a dominent race, as are the Undead.
by Tagban April 13, 2005
Battle.net Underground

A clan based on the USEast server of Battle.net. Dedicated to playing games of Starcraft Warcraft and Diablo.
BNU is a gaming clan dedicated to Battle.net.
by Tagban April 13, 2005
A game made from Blizzard Entertainment, based entirely on the 'Warcraft Orcs and Humans' game, that made best seller when it was first released. This game, while being a sequel itself, has since spawned 1 more sequel, as well as a MMORPG called World of Warcraft.
I was playing Warcraft II on battle.net yesterday and got my orc beat up. :(
by Tagban April 13, 2005
A largely and widely known source for dedicated gamers of Battle.net. Not to be confused with a hack or cheats website, BNET.cc offers a unique perspective on the gaming community as it is seen fit.

With games listed like: Diablo, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, Starcraft, Diablo II, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars, it is no wonder that this epic source for gaming has come a full circle in the last 3 years.
BNET.cc is adding style and pizazz to your everyday battle.net gaming experience.
by Tagban April 13, 2005

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