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Gucci is a place where women buy accessories for themselves. Usually niggas shop there for their big booty hoes then reward the nigga with a form of sexual activity. After the next day of meeting each other, the nigga leaves the hoe and she later finds out that she is pregnant. When her baby/babies(she could have twins) comes of age, they ask the hoe mother where their daddy is(most of their friends have daddys). Their mother says she doesn't remember. So her baby/babies are bastard(s) and the stereotype of black children not knowing who their father is, is approved.
Most big booty hoes go to Gucci.
by MasterKush906 May 26, 2013
55 41
An expensive P.O.S. that people buy to feel they have money
look at that fool trying to be a playa in his wanna be azz gucci
by E December 30, 2002
42 104
A BRAND THAT RICH NEEGA LIKE me wear cause we got money- 500 dollar pair of gucci shoes neega im ballin
damn check out my gucci shoes you cant afford em can ya
by jd February 22, 2005
110 178
a slang term for the drug cocaine.
The Gucci's in the carriage!
by who June 07, 2004
39 107
a highly priced clothing
worthless piece of shit
by latovia January 23, 2003
39 137
Worthless ass clothing that people save up and spend their retirement savings on like retards in a poor attempt to get some ass by the opposite sex even though I can get more ass with a suit I bought at Goodwill for 10 bucks.
Man, fuck Gucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by A. A. Ron April 06, 2005
60 164