Noun: Another word describing an ignorant black person. Used in public places when one does not want to offend surrounding people.

Look at those gruts listening to gangster rap.
by Chief King January 17, 2013
UK word, from the Bristol/South-West region
Ere mate, shazzer had the smelliest grut ever.
by anon June 17, 2006
1. weed
2. the embodyment of the spirit in every individual named grut
Lets grut!
Got grut
Lets smoke some grut
by Boolian September 10, 2003

Dirty, obscene, sexual in a unique or exceptionally taboo manner.

Generally has a positive connotation.

Originated in the south of Ontario, the first recorded use was in a facebook chat window, c. 2012.
"That's grut."

"Sex in public is so grut, dude."
by PussyJunction April 01, 2012
bad; dirty; generally unpleasant.
The weather was really grut today.
I felt really grut after those 10 pints of London Pride.
by Richard Plank January 12, 2004

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