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A period of time where the Game Grumps are in a rut. Also known as the excrement of a dolphin after he's jizzed and bled.
"Yea the Game Grumps new episode was kind of lacking, I think they might be in a grut."

"Oh my god! Did you see that dolphin at Sea World grut everywhere?!?"
by Gamfel Garsh April 17, 2013
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1. Underpants - especially male ones.
Can you please stop leaving your smelly, used gruts all over the floor?
by M February 04, 2005
Scottish food, possibly related to groats. Subject of the momologue 'Gruts for Tea' by the late Scottish writer and performer Ivor Cutler.
"Billy, Billy, gruts for tea!"
by wayne ruscoe April 14, 2006
Bulging area found on men between the waist and the groin/genital area.

Man, you really need to get to the gym and lose some of those gruts!
by sladey March 23, 2006
Marijuana. Also known as drugs. You smoke them.
How did we smoke an ounce of grut that quickly?! I guess we should buy another...
by Royer September 10, 2003
A mixture of a grape and a nut. Either a grape inside of a nut, or a nut inside of a grape. Usually either grapes are inserted into pistachio shells, or almonds or cashews are inserted into the center of a grape, but a true grut is any heterogeneous mixture of grapes and nuts.
Person A: "I'm really hungry, but all I have are some grapes and nuts. What should I do?"

Person B: "Don't worry. Insert the grape into the pistachio nut shells, and eat them. It's called a grut. They're really good."

Person A: "What else could I do with them."

Person B: "Well you can also take an almond or cashew and insert it into the center of the grape. Then you can eat it. That's another form of the grut..."
by grutking December 03, 2010
1. weed
2. the embodyment of the spirit in every individual named grut
Lets grut!
Got grut
Lets smoke some grut
by Boolian September 10, 2003
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