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A mixture of a grape and a nut. Either a grape inside of a nut, or a nut inside of a grape. Usually either grapes are inserted into pistachio shells, or almonds or cashews are inserted into the center of a grape, but a true grut is any heterogeneous mixture of grapes and nuts.
Person A: "I'm really hungry, but all I have are some grapes and nuts. What should I do?"

Person B: "Don't worry. Insert the grape into the pistachio nut shells, and eat them. It's called a grut. They're really good."

Person A: "What else could I do with them."

Person B: "Well you can also take an almond or cashew and insert it into the center of the grape. Then you can eat it. That's another form of the grut..."
by grutking December 03, 2010

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