Adj - Ambiguous, something that is both sketchy and enjoyable, something that is funny in retrospect

Can be used as a catch-all, mean-all word such as smurf or marklar

Inverse of snorg
"That is so grons"

"When that guy fell off the ladder and and starting blaming black people for his broken arm, I laughed so hard that I had an asthma attack; It was so grons"
by Huffle Tongle December 30, 2005
Top Definition
only the coolest guy ever.
Man, I wish I was half as cool as Gron.
by the black knight March 01, 2005
to take a shit
I wish you'd stop calling me while you're taking a gron.
by grongarisgay March 27, 2014
boner, semi, erection, cockloaf
usually, but not necessarily when trapped in ones pants.

also, for the illiterate, gr0n
1.)Everytime your mom says hi, I pop a gron
2.)Is your gf there? No? You know why? Cuz she's choking on my gr0n!
by the hanging chad October 26, 2004
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