dry humping to music. usually at a party or club.

a girl rubbing her ass on a guys crotch until he gets hard.
I was grinding with this girl and i got so hard.
by blahblahblah456 March 21, 2010
there are 2 ways, between a girl with a big booty and big tits, and a guy

1.) girl rubs her ass all over the guys crotch til he gets a woody. the guy holds onto her hips and pulls her in and has control over her. the guy gets pleasure, girl just has fun. and u sway back and forth gyrating to an upbeat/rap song

2.) same as first definitionn just both ppl face eachother and rub their crotches together. this time both people enjoy it. the guy can hold onto her ass, or to her boobs. girl can do the same. this way can lead to making out, or even further
at the club i saw this hottie with a nice ass and big tits. so i went up to her, grabbed her hips and pulled her booty onto my crotch. she had no problem grinding on me. just after 1 minute of dirty dancing i got a woody. she then turned around and we were rubbing our crotches together. she then took it farther and started to french kiss. we then left the dance floor and walked over to the couch and started to fuck. after that i took her home with me and fucked the shit out of her.
by i<3dickss August 21, 2011
what all middle schoolers love to do - if they have the balls to. pretty much when a dude stands with their crotch against a girls ass with his hands on her hips and they sway back and forth. the girls always love when the guy gets a boner, it makes her feel like she's a sexy biotch.
at the dance:
matt: lets do some grinding!
lea: sounds fun!!
they sway back and forth for a while, then matt gets a boner and lea is really happy.
by sirgrindalot July 08, 2011
original meaning: a dance move that is supposed to include gyration of the hips, whether alone or with a partner. takes skill, and is very sexy. the American word for what Jamaicans call "wining".

today: is sadly usually done half assed by girls bending over and sloppily moving their ass around with little to no skill. the American word for what Jamaicans call "daggering".
"everyone was just grinding at my prom"

"look at them grinding over there"
by lovetodancetoreggae February 04, 2012
To do your math homework
person 1: oh man, i was grinding hardcore last night.
person 2: oh yah man my teacher tells me im a good grinder.
by joethegrinder October 17, 2010
The act of dirty dancing at a fast paced song with the opposite gender, sometimes with the same sex.

Two ways:
1) A guy takes a girl by the hips, moves side to side (hips) and she rubs her booty, while doing this, on his crotch until he gets hard. Guy has control over the girl at all times.

2) Another way to grind is to take a girl from the front and rub both of your crotches together. Same way as #1 but affects girl and guy instead of just the guy. This way is more sexual.
Megan: I grinded with Nick all night!
Cady: Really?!? Was grinding him good or did he get a woody?
Megan: He got one, but I liked it!
by girlfromcanadaeh May 03, 2011
middle schoolers favorite dance. When a girl moves her ass in the guys crotch. He gets all hard with his boner and its awesome for both of them. Especially when they both know what theyre doing.
Jen: Did u c william grinding her?
Eliza: Yeah u could tell he was having a boner the minute after they started.
Jen: it looked fun!
by 7thgradeslut October 16, 2011

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