what every middle schooler and high schooler does at school dances. basically that boy gets behind the girl and he puts his hands on her hips and they rock from side to side. it's supposed to mimic sex. the teachers hate it.
Bob- dude i was grinding so hard on some chick last night!
john- did you stick your boner up her butt?
bob- we did it through the whole song!
John- wow, i bet you feel guilty, after all you're only a 7th grader!
by cakestersrawkkk September 12, 2010
1. Sexual dancing. The act of a female shaking her ass against a male's crotch, typically done in a club and performed to rap or techno music. Can also be called dry humping.

2. Gaming reference. Repeatedly performing an action/event to attain an item. Most commonly used when referring to an RPG (Role Playing Game), i.e. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, etc.
1. "Man, I can't wait to go clubbing so I can grind with some chick."

2. "This sucks. I wasted an entire night grinding for experience, and I only leveled up twice! At least I got some decent gear."
by Duality2 June 28, 2009
The movement of the dick on the females ass usually resulting in :-!. Following the grinding an urge is felt to go fuck the female right after you see her again. so hot especially with the mere.
Tomorrow i'm going to grind with Mere, and its going to be so god damn hot! I"m gunna be aroused the rest of the day.
by jl;ij;lkj June 08, 2004
When a guy and a girl are dancing and her back and ass is on his dick and she is shaking her ass and rotating around his dick and he is getting a certain feeling and stroking her hips with his hands!
I was grinding my girlfriend Ren and she felt my boner with her ass!
by james kav June 01, 2007
to rotate the hips in an erotic manner, in such a way that the girl's ass is grinding against the guy's crotch through erection, and sometimes even orgasm.
At the nightclub I was grinding with all the mega-hotties, so much and so intense that by the end of the night, my Dick was sore.
by Zackster November 21, 2007
When a girl rubs her ass all over a guys penis. For the girl, even if she's doing all the work it still makes her wet and makes her want it to go on forever. For the guy, he just stands and enjoys. It's a win, win situation besides the fact that it never last long enough.
Tiffany grinded her ass all over Aidan's penis till he got a boner, Tiffany and Aidan both enjoyed grinding each other.
by -chuck. July 10, 2008
When a female is dancing and a male comes behind her and starts gyrating his crotch on her ass for pleasure. The male may hold female's hips inner thighs to intensify feeling. Usually done to music with a good beat.
"Jessica, I was grinding this boy Evian all night at homecoming!"
"Girl, I was too!"
by Jessicalovestogrind October 28, 2007
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