A video game term, and is the name of the process of doing completely unnecessary useless events, most commonly gaining EXP by defeating enemies in a specific area without moving on, to level up.

This often leads to being overpowered.
Sorry... I was grinding in that field over there.
by Ichimoto June 27, 2010
When a girl put her ass in a guys pelvic area and he holds her hips pulling her closer to him and squating while sway to the beat of the music.
At the dance, three kids saw two teachers grinding. They joined creating a grinding train.
by GrindingFetish September 03, 2013
To consume a tremendous amount of a certain thing: can be practically everything: time, food, person. used as a verb: Grinding halo, playing a game with friends for more than 6 hours in a row. Grinding baconstrips, eating and eating, knowing that there is too much that you can physically consume.
'Hey, I have nothing to do for the coming three days.. I'll just go grinding halo untill I die. wanna come over?
by Heroic May 07, 2012
A repetitive task usually involved in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing game (MMORPG) where a character's skill's are based entirely on killing monsters to gain strengths or levels. In most MMORPGs, there is no skill from the player involved, so anyone who plays 20 hours a day of grinding will be stronger than a player who does not. MMORPGs become a game genre filled with those who are too slow to play First-Person Shooters (FPS) or too dumb to play Real Time Strategy (RTS) but want to brag and be 1337 g4m3r so they play 20 hours a day and boast to "n00bs"
me_is_n00b: Johnny, what level are you?

Grinding_Johnny210: I'm level 250+

me_is_noob: wow you are so uber 1337! You must be so good at this!

Grinding_Johnny210: Yea, it's pure skill.

me_is_noob: I wish i could grind like you, unfortunately, I have a life, a job, a car, a girlfriend..

Grinding_Johnny210: You suck n00b!
by dude112233 January 07, 2006
Verb - to wear, smooth, or sharpen by abrasion or friction
I was grinding corn kernels with my water mill in order to make corn meal.
by WangChizzle February 15, 2008
The art of two lesbians rubbing their clitoris' together getting faster until one or both climax or they wish to move on to another move
Sky and Rachel were grinding hard last night! Laura was only watching and said her pussy nearly exploded!
by ISNIFFGLU May 31, 2011
Where you do a repeated action over and over, usually on an RPG, in order to level up.
I asked Josh if he wanted to play some Call of Duty, but he said that he was too busy grinding.
by J35T3Rz November 07, 2010

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