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misunderstood and a highly complicated group of immature teenagers in a higher education standard, but do not seem to take the option, who live by their standards no matter if or when rules apply. popular names for these group of kids are hooligans, juveniles, brats, etc.
"mark, who stole the mailbox again?"

" ugh, its those damn high schoolers down the road. i oughta call the cops on them. "

" oh dont bother, there just some rotten kids."
by jacque. December 10, 2008
a highschool student.
kid 1: so you ever thought about what you are going to do in life?
kid 2:na man, i'm just a highschooler. i can think about that s*** later.
by LordArcher January 23, 2007
Sex in one position from beginning to end. Usually missionary position. Important note: no foreplay or dirty talk allowed.
After a year of dating the girl he met in church, Charlie got tired of nothing but the high schooler and quit talking to her.
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
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