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A little creature that sometimes appears in message boards and emails instead of self !!

Now that you have heard of them keep an eye out for them as you never know when they are going to make an appearance
I was amusing myslef writing this entry when I became very slef consious
by slef preservation society May 12, 2006
The slang word "slef" is an abbrevation of "Self" which is an abbrevation of "selvfølgelig". The danish word is a translation of the word "of course". The adjective is mostly used by street pimpz from the Aarhus area , Denmark and consists approximately 40% of their vocabulary.
Example 1.
A: Are you going to watch the match?
B: "Slef" I am.
by asian truth November 04, 2013
A typographical error. Can be used simply to point out your own or someone else's error.
Person 1: There's plenby more where that came from.

Person 2: plenby, slef
by Goodtnihk February 05, 2012
A small furry animal resembling a stoat with humanoid hands and beaver like features. One must always look after their Slef, washing it every day, and make sure your Slef is happy. However remember do not talk to your Slef in public otherwise people may think there is something wrong with you. Occasionally you can show your Self a good time and take it out to parties, and let it loose. You must ALWAYS have Slef respect.
I washed my Slef with soap in the shower.

My got down with my bad Slef
by T-002 Tyrant August 30, 2010
1.Gettin totally drunk off of Dewskies...a k a Mountain Dew
2.a clean form of drunk.
Me and Brooke are gettin slef'd hardcore tonight! YeaHeaH!
by D n B March 29, 2005
another word for vagina
Did you smell that chicks slef at the party?

She was fingering her slef.
by Mr.Brightside666 January 20, 2007
(noun) The liquid left inside the top rim and/or inside of a soda can that won't come out upon finishing the drink.
After drinking my root beer, I attempted to sip the slef before throwing the empty can into the recycle bin.
by FryGuy June 02, 2015
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