Annoying kid who surfs with the big lads, they let him tag along but dont really like him, makes a good target for practical jokes and name calling. Also known as a grommet, a gremmy or a todd.
Harvey James
by MATTY May 29, 2004
Michael Hardy. Something that sits on teh platform by the office of EDHS and ponders!
THe gremlin sat on the platform pondering!
by G April 16, 2004
A partially-consumed alcoholic beverage, usually a beer, that has been allowed to sit out and go warm and flat overnight and is thus wasted.
Dude, you better finish that beer...don't be leaving a gremlin!
by TampaDude May 27, 2007
Gremlin (grem-lin):
1.) a cigarette

"Hey, do me a solid and pass me over a gremlin."
by the magnificent 7 October 09, 2005
Gremlin - (noun)
1. A malfunction or cause of error, blamed on a mischievous gnome.

gremlin - (proper noun)
1. Those scary ass guys from the movie 'Gremlins'. They are about 1ft in height. If they get wet, more gremlins emerge from their back. If they are feed after midnight, they turn evil. The most famous gremlin is Gizmo. They look a lot like furbys.
1. My airplane crashed, must have been those gremlins.
2. Gizmo is the cutest gremlin I have ever seen
by Sheepz June 09, 2003
(by the way, I'm not talking about the little monsters.) gremlins are a somewhat unheard of class in society. They are very different, somewhat resembling greebos.

Fashion: Gremlins always seem to be wearing shorts, and shirts with a logo or band on it.

Looks like: They usually have very very long hair, and for the most part if their hair is straight they will curl it. The ones with curly hair naturally work the best.

Acts like: Punkish, in the sense they are very rebelious, they don't give a rats ass for authority or fitting in with the mainstream. They hate preps and chavs, naturally and tend to be friendly to anyone else.
prep: hey look at the gay ass kid

gremlin: *pulls out chainsaw*

Preps: book ass
by Unit6 September 07, 2007
a very cool little car, made by AMC in the 1070's. most commonly called a pimp's car. made because of its light weight,ability to outrun police cars, and pimp those ladies.
aw dude, i saw a yellow gremlin in the parking lot today... whoever drives that MUST be a pimp!
by car-man October 16, 2003

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