(1) A mythical little craeture
which were the scourge to pilots in World War II.
(2) A popular car made by AMC Motors back in the 1970's.
(1) A cartoon starring Bugs Bunny had him at odds with a Gremlin who wanted to sabatoge a bomber plane.

(2) Man! You're STILL driving that gremlin?
by bigg3469 March 30, 2009
used to describe a person creeping, or just being weird.
"bhahahahha your such a gremlin ! "
by Hannah563634673467 January 09, 2008
Children, who for some reason, have parents that can't give them enough attention. If you are kind to them, they'll come to your home, eat all your food, fuck up your property, test your sanity then go home pouting when you finally insist. Their parents are none the wiser. These kids usually tell really bad lies.
"There are some people I'd like to have over, but their kids are gremlins. It's not worth the headache."
by MadamexXx March 14, 2009
A girl or guy that seems perfect (warm, cuddly), but has a dark side (cold, scaly) lurking underneath. This dark side may come out during drinking sessions (i.e. "fed after midnight") or at unpredictable times.

A gremlin is extremely dangerous because friends may see him/her as great, but behind closed doors s/he turns into a monster, leaving you defenseless and alone against their manipulative power. Dating a gremlin is a very, very dangerous thing with long-term consequences. However, sleeping with a gremlin can be a very enjoyable experience.
Roommate: "Why would you ever break up with that girl Kaylee? She was great!"

Gremlin's ex: "She was total gremlin. While we were dating, she sprayed pepper spray at me, made a pass on my best friend, punched me in the face, and even fucked a freshman!"

Roommate:"Really? Holy shit! She even made us all brownies! You should have said something. Fucking gremlin..."
by gonclif October 01, 2007
1. A stud who is capable of running a 4.4 40 yard dash. Usually after smoking a carton of cigarettes.

2. The act of sucking down a single cigarette in 13 seconds. Usually performed for an audience of people.
"Dude, did you see Chris? He totally just Gremlin'd that 40 yard dash"

"Bro, there's no way, he's just a little gremlin!"
by Jameswest33 March 29, 2010
A short acne covered child with a large head and odd straggles of facial hair on his chin. This particular species is not welcomed amongst the human race but remains with them for no particular reason. Often bragging about there abilities to smoke weed and have very little friends. They usually hide in places such as under beds or in you closet.

Be warned ladies these creatures will attempt to flirt with you. Avoid eye contact and touching any part of the body
gremlins gremlins gremlins we dont have any gremlins in this class
by David Mcgee November 01, 2009
Putting your forearms flat against you thighs bending over and running around at people you don't know with your tongue sticking out.
Gallagher gremlined another freshman
by Toiletpaper Sue March 15, 2005

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