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A defensive, racist, petty, mean-spirited, money-obsessed, untrusting, facially-inept and emotionally-constipated asian male. Predominantly, but not limited to, those of east asian descent, ie: Chinese and Japanese. By this definition, a Gremlin may belong to the chinese diaspora in south east asia.
Fuck, that Issei Sagawa is such a Gremlin!
by prav October 27, 2007
(by the way, I'm not talking about the little monsters.) gremlins are a somewhat unheard of class in society. They are very different, somewhat resembling greebos.

Fashion: Gremlins always seem to be wearing shorts, and shirts with a logo or band on it.

Looks like: They usually have very very long hair, and for the most part if their hair is straight they will curl it. The ones with curly hair naturally work the best.

Acts like: Punkish, in the sense they are very rebelious, they don't give a rats ass for authority or fitting in with the mainstream. They hate preps and chavs, naturally and tend to be friendly to anyone else.
prep: hey look at the gay ass kid

gremlin: *pulls out chainsaw*

Preps: book ass
by Unit6 September 07, 2007
a gremlin who lured metal man to her lair and got his fingers up her love hole for her efforts

commonly reffered to in the fables of aesop as 'gremmy'. the most widely known tale featuring the gremlin is the tale of the marathon, in which 'gremmy' cycles many miles, only to take her helmet off in the last mile and hurt her head.
the lesson: metal man will finger it better
"is that the same metal man who got fingered by the gremlin?"
"no stupid he fingered her"
"o yeh i forgot he has herpes"
by mr harley March 24, 2007
a male or female who you deem ugly.
"Leah is such a gremlin." or "You should have seen the gremlin I made love to last night."
by the saskatchewan stud muffin January 22, 2007
Gremlin originated from the smash box office hit “Gremlins” in 1984. Took new meaning when an individual known as JPL (22 years of age; part owner and manager of Shoppers Café, Waltham, MA.) was labeled for resembling the character in the movie. The true Gremlin comes out not at midnight, but after consuming at pint of Jack Daniels and hitting the ski slopes (Yinnngggggg yingg) for weekends at a time.

Gremlins are known to have an aggressive sexual record of sleeping with over 50 girls of all various sizes, ages, and at least one best friend’s sister (2002 MIAA D-1 Hockey State Finals after party 1:23am). White –top mountain ranges around the genital area although a common feature, is not mandatory for all Gremlin’s to have. Gremlins, although very crazy and seek trouble, do become the life of party and generate quality quotes for the next day when things are back to normal.
A true Gremlin will bang my future daughters best friend the day she turns 18. Thats the final goal of a Gremlin

by SPL August 07, 2006
MIchael Hardy. He sits on the little platform by the office of EDHS and ponders!
The gremlin sat on the platform pondering!
by G April 16, 2004
1. A person who is deceitful.
2. Likes to talk as if s/he knows a lot but always gives the wrong information.
3. Very sneaky in nature who usually appears and vashines when you don't expect it.
Keith: Where's that gremlin? He's suppose to give you guys a ride.
Andy: I don't know, he's probably off eating some chipmunk food.
Keith: Ohh that gremlin!
by clypp February 14, 2004