an incredibly annoying short step-grandparent, who always thinks they are right and always consider themselves to be above everyone else
Grandpa bob was being a gremlin to grandma winnie today, he kept correcting everything she was doing.
by h2o82 October 23, 2013
(1) A mythical little craeture
which were the scourge to pilots in World War II.
(2) A popular car made by AMC Motors back in the 1970's.
(1) A cartoon starring Bugs Bunny had him at odds with a Gremlin who wanted to sabatoge a bomber plane.

(2) Man! You're STILL driving that gremlin?
by bigg3469 March 30, 2009
particals of tissue paper left behind after wiping hairy anal regions
When he bent over I saw the gremlins in his crack
by taterxwedge75 December 20, 2014
A fat, short big tits and sagy ass girl. Doesn't ever have a great face.
Dude did you see steve is going out with a gremlin
by J Brunz February 11, 2012
A small ginger creature, usually found in a darkened room eating ham sandwiches. She sleeps for most of her life and only wakes to scuttle to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gremlins can be located in the London area and on a quiet night you can here the high pitch cackle when she is amused. By all means stay out of Gremlins way in the mornings.
AKA Hey Yasmin is such a massive gremlin, it's 4.30 and she isn't out of bed yet. And she hasn't washed for a week. Ewwwwwwwwwww. Is that a ham sandwich I spy?
by gremlincatcher December 14, 2011
1.)A person who is acting like some sort of creature.
2.)Someone who is really ugly.
1.)Why are you crawling llike that? You're such a gremlin.
2.)Damn, thatt boy looks like a Gremlin!
by ShawtyyMacc November 17, 2010
The gremlin is a furry critter that will use her petit stature and nubile appearance to gain the trust of others. Upon making the mistake of trusting a gremlin, she will then lurk in dark corners and attack at any given moment. This evil hobbit will engage in acts of deceit and general tomfoolery as a means of social interaction. Characteristics of the gremlin will include:
-Rage blackouts
-Violent attacks from behind, especially on the knees
-Full speed bodychecks
-Stealing food from gardens
-The belief that she is average height, when she is in fact, gremlin height
-The use of such phrases as "frig-a-mug" and "go S a D"
Ryan: Hello, I was just calling regarded your --- OW
Gremlin: hahaha hahaha hahaha (runs away)
Ryan: I think that gremlin just took out my legs
by VictimOfTheGremlin August 25, 2009

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