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Having sexual relations with a female and her friend is always acceptable as long as the total score of said bitches hotness equals 10 or more.
The 3some plus rule

While having sex with a 9, one only needs to include a 2 or greater to make said intercourse awesome and braggable.

Coversely, having sex with a 5 and a 4 is just average and the particapator should be ridiculed for banging 2 Gremlins.

In extreme situations the hotness scale can be ignored for certain features such as huge tits or no gag reflex. Of course these attributes must be reviewed by a panel of your peers.
by dirkdiggler9969 May 04, 2009
Memories that enter your head of past GF's when you are tired of banging your current one.
I'm really sick of this bitch and I keep getting haunted by the ghost of pussy past.
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
When someone talks too damn much and needs a conversation timeonut, that person has been put on conversation probation.
Rob: "Shut the fuck up!"
Nick: "What?"
Rob: "Bitch, your on conversation probation for 20 minutes!"
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
The lights that unfortunately come on at the end of the night at the club. This usually alerts the victim that he has spent the last 2 hours talking to a chick that is gross. This surprises the victim who was under the impression that he/she was talking to an attractive girl/guy until the lights came on and made him say... whoa this bitch/dude is ugly. Hence "whoa lights"
Nick: Yo Rob, did you bang that chick I saw you talking to at the club last night?

Rob: Hell no! The whoa lights came on and I realized she had a God Damn wart on her cheek.
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
When one becomes sick with a "I don't give a fuck attitude." This usually occurs after someone has been tried one too many times or has become extremely intoxicated. This syndrome usually begins in the left calf and quickly spreads throughout the body. This term was invented in Florida during the Master P era. Master P was always talking about his soldiers and when the question arrose after a long night of drinking "How does one become a soldier." Getting infected with soldieritis of course!
Oh shit, Rob's got soldieritis again.

by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
Beer. Usually the cheapest beer available for college kids (ex. Natty Ice, The Beast)
"Yo, Let's go pound some college soda!"
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
A Rumor that becomes famous on wikipedia.
"Holy Shit did you hear Sinbad died?"


Nick: "I would totally bang Hoopz from Flavor of Love."

Rob:"Dude, you know she's got the HIV, don't you?"

Nick: No she doesn't. That shit was a wikirumor.
by dirkdiggler9969 April 30, 2009

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