Definition: A tight piece of clothing for the lower body (usually a speedo) that clearly displays the male genetalia.

Derivation: From the stealing of vintage grapes in the vinyards of France. Theives would steal grapes in their pockets.
That dirty shitehawk with the Skank ho bitch whore is wearing grape-smugglers.
by THOR October 15, 2004
Top Definition
When a man wears pants that are to tight, or pulled up so high that each of his testes have been split and bulge out, one to the left, and one to the right.
Check it out, louis anderson is smuggling grapes.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
Grape Smugglers are very small speedo trunks which hug the bollocks of the male wearer in a manner which makes it seem that they are "smuggling grapes" between their legs.

Often seen on European, particularly French, males.
wow, that dude is wearing grape smugglers
by Jamie W February 24, 2004
A man in a Speedo.
Even on a trip to an American beach, you can count on seeing at least one grape smuggler.
by D. Lishus Thigh April 01, 2010
A man who wears his pants too tight, giving the appearance that he's carrying grapes in his crotch. Also someone who proudly wears a speedo.
Check out the grape smuggler coming down the beach.
by Senorvee December 04, 2007
A person who wears briefs or more specifically speedos.
A swimmer smuggles their "grapes" in their speedo.
by The Smuggler of Grapes July 28, 2003
A man who elects to wear tight pants which are pulled up very high especially in the front. The high, tight pants causes the gentleman's genitalia to resemble two grapes being stowed in the crotch of the trousers .
Look at this grape smuggler, you can see his bag right trough his wranglers.
by Beckw/ August 01, 2008
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