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4 definitions by grizzt69

When a man wears pants that are to tight, or pulled up so high that each of his testes have been split and bulge out, one to the left, and one to the right.
Check it out, louis anderson is smuggling grapes.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
193 30
When a womans nipples grow abnormally long and sometimes thick. They can sometimes gro to be as long as three or four inches, and as thick as 1/2 inch. Think of nipples as big as your middle finger.

c'mon and fuck me up the ass with your nipplecocks baby.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
46 23
When you have a severe case of diarrhea, possibly from an all night drinking binge. What you do is pull your pants down and sneak up on an unsuspecting victim. Awake or asleep it doesen't matter. Aim your bare ass at them and squeeze your poop hole as tight as you can. At the same time push out with all your might and spray the unsuspecting victim with waterlike diarrhea. This is a Rectal Expulsion. Make sure you are ready to run, for when the victim realizes what has happened they will most likely try to kick your ass.
I gave my roomate a rectal expulsion this morning after i threw up.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
5 2
Another term that is used for a womans vagina with a negative conotation. Could be a very smelly vagina, diseased vagina, fat vagina, or a sluts vagina.
Man you need to wash your baunch, i think i'm gonna puke.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
9 26