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theatre is real acting. it's not cute or adorable or funny if you mess up your line and it doesn't go in those adorable bloopers where you all swoon when brad pitt giggles at missing the line. real theatre is les miserables, which i love, wicked, which i'm going to see, and stuff like the phantom. chicago is awesome, and everybody's probably heard of a little person called SHAKESPEARE!!! that's real theatre. it's where capped teeth and anorexia don't get you the role.
a real song from theatre might be bluesy, jazzy, or rocky. les mis is really sad and kind of classical, and broadway is known for language and "socially unacceptable" themes.
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by rixa May 26, 2006
emo kid

an emo kid is someone who is always stereotyped. someone who just is who they are and are ostracized for it. someone that i would want to be friends with. and emo boys are usually extremely hot. emo couples can be really close, and it's not all about sex. i'd want that kind of relationship! sometimes emo kids live straight edge, which means they don't do gangsta stuff like drinking, drugs and sex. sometimes emo kids can be depressed, but for the most part it's a stupid stereotype. everyone is different! and not all emo boys are gay, most of them are straight.
idiot 1: omg that emo kid is so depressed and stupid
idiot 2: yeah, haha he's with a guy, bet they're gay
idiot 1: lol let's kill him
me: bangs idiot 1+idiot 2 heads together several times
#emo kids #emo #stereotyping #labels #straight guys
by rixa May 26, 2006
the personality
people who express their souls in a dark way. real goths don't cut themselves (some do, but it's not a goth trait... there are preppy cutters too.) real goths could be atheistic, christian, jewish, wiccan, agnostic, whatever... goths don't worship satan. goth music could range from classics like Evanescence and Linkin Park to Wicked and Rent or even Enya... i like to think of myself as the founder of the "broadway goth," goths that are theatrical and artistic. real goths are open to friendships with everyone and never exclude someone because they're not "goth" enough. goths also tend to have fire in their souls and dislike conforming to other people's set rules. this sometimes impacts their grades, which gives way to the rumors that goths are stupid and stubborn.
the style
hot topic is really a punk store, but it has goth things as well. however, you can get goth stuff lots more places... personally, my shopping consists mainly of thrift stores (i trade old clothes in for store credit), old navy (really simple things like, idk, swim suits, plain black tee shirts, zip up sweatshirts) and hot topic for odd items. a lot of goths don't wear solid black all the time because they have unique style and wear what they want. also, handmade clothing is very goth.
rixa's advice to beginners
my advice to beginning goths everywhere is this- don't feel pressured into doing things because you're afraid not to be goth. you don't have to wear black lipstick and eyeshadow if you don't want to! you don't have to listen to screaming metal if you don't want to! if mom has issues with chains and multiple piercings, you don't have to! opt for a victorian look (think vampires and red roses) or maybe something cute and sweet (like cute graphic tees and converse). goth is what you make it. not what other people say. and never listen to people when they say you're a poser, because unless you follow what everyone else thinks is goth, you're not.
there is also such a thing as gothic literature... a famous gothic writer is edgar allen poe. lemony snicket is not a gothic author. alice in wonderland is a gothic type book because the story is kind of dark humor and just a little strange.
my personal favorites
striped leggings and plaid skirt together
lace fingerless gloves (i made mine)
corset top (got mine at forever 21, started modifying a black tank top last night)
black boots (mine are dress boots and i've had them for nearly 4 years)
fun jewelry (my favorite piece is two random old fashioned keys i found that i put on a chain)
good old fashioned deformed cargo pants
low cut converse
my favorite goth musician is amy lee of evanescence.
#goth #cool #creative #artistic #misunderstood
by rixa January 03, 2007
SoOoOoO sexy!!! I only like the little cholos or black guyz, but DAMN!!! Seriouzly, that is probly the finest white man ever, plus he looks better in makeup than I do.
Me and my sister wanna rape Johnny Depp cuz he is so fine!
by Rixa October 28, 2003
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