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ok, after reading your definitions, im amazed people actualy post here. alot of people have it right, but noone is rong.
musicaly, goth is nolonger aroung,
spiritualy, goth is dying
fashion wise, goth is being replaced,
for the people who label themselves goth, get a grip,
for the people who are labled goth, be proud people see you as yourself.

after reading them all, all ive found, is that stereotypes of goth are wrong, and so are most of the defenitions. goth is a culture, a way of life, and a way through for some of us.

i am 13, and ive been labled for over 4 years, i couldnt care, if they want to call me goth, let them, all i know is that if they label you, they are making thwemselces no better than that which they are mocking.
them: hes one of those goths who try to kill themselves
me: whatever
them: gay boy
me: im not gay, alough i know alot of people who are.
them: what is with him, thinking is all hrd, because he slits his wrists
me: i dont slit my wrists, i write poetry to unwind, i slit myself to realise that things could be worse, and i hate people like you because they need to take the mick out of us sor a few cheap laughs, when it would be much easier to go out and get a fewdecent friends, and have a decent life, than ruining it just to be popular
by hinairusu December 18, 2005

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