a subculture known for unusual dress and tastes. black is usually the color of choice. there are different kinds of goths. cyber goths are known to wear more futuristic clothes and have multi colored hair (which is oftentimes worn in dreads). romantic goths are the "original". they dress usually in black with dark makeup. goths are known to appreciate the unique genres of music. electronica, new wave, industrial, ebm, and classical being most popular. many are considered to be above normal in intelligence and are often extremely contemplative in nature.
examples of music : depeche mode, new order, the cure, orgy, visage, duran duran, missing persons, combichrist, kmfdm, nine inch nails, bauhaus, joy division (post punk, but ian curtis' dark vocals put the band in a "gothic" category) nick cave and the bad seeds....all examples of true gothic music.

examples of clothes : thrift store finds. as stated earlier, oftentimes black. lacey, antique looking gloves and shirts. doc maertens. thigh high black boots. bats, graves, ghosts are common jewelry themes. dark and unusual.

i identify myself as goth, so ask me some questions and i will answer to the best of my ability.

by Euphemia November 27, 2006
A goth is a fan of gothic music. Gothic music came about in the early 1980's with bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Gothic music has evolved so much today as there are many different types of it. Anyone can be goth and not even dress the part. For example, a person wearing a pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt can be goth. If you listen to gothic music, you're goth. It's as simple as that. However, there is actually a lot to goth and even many different types of goths ie: perkygoth, romantigoth, deathrocker, rivet-head, ethergoth, cybergoth, etc. While I say that a goth is a fan of gothic music which is generally true, it is also many things. That is why we have so many different permutations of goth because there really is NO ONE TRUE definition of it. Someone is drawn to goth for one reason or another, takes it into their own hands and adds their own spin on it, making the subgenres of goth that I already mentioned above and the list goes on and on. Goth is basically anything you wish it to be. However, I think before one calls themselves goth, they should at least be familiar with the music.

As for the stereotypes, they are not true. Goths are not suicidal, they are not depressed, they are not satan worshippers, they do not cut themselves, and they do not have to wear black constantly. Besides, ANYONE can be depressed. Yes, there are goths that are depressed no doubt, but there are also many "mundane" as they are called in the scene, or "normal" people who are depressed as well. I'm sure however, that unforturnately, there are goths who do fit the other stereotypes but all goths should not be stereotyped!
I already listed examples above: a fan of gothic music generally makes a goth. A goth does not have to dress the part as well as a goth certainly doesn't have to wear strictly black all of the time. It really depends on what an individual chooses to wear and it would probably be, whatever they're comfortable in.
by Lauren Batty May 23, 2006
1. A persom whom embraces the macarbeness of life

2. (singular) A person from a pre history tribe of Germans

3. A style of architecture

PS: i would just like to say, Marylin manson is not goth but shock rock, or industrial, one of those. but any who his musics still good, and you gotta love that make up :)
John: hello steve i see that you are in some form enbracing the macarbness of life.

steve: yes indeed

john: by definition you would be performing a gothic act, but not necisarly making you a goth.

steve: indeed

John: lets go burn some heretics!

steve: bahahaha burn the heretics!
by David Gio October 07, 2005
While many think of goths as bloodsucking vampiric satanists, very little of that is true. It's not just about gobs of eyeliner and white face paint. It's about being who we ARE.

I am a goth. I am proud to be one. I don't think it matters if I dress in all black, because I'm nicer to ANYBODY than any chav could ever be? Why? Simple. Golden Rule. Too bad ignorant chavs and self centered preps have failed to realize that. And no, listening to Marilyn Manson will not make you 'goth'. Nor will he 'un-goth' you. Same with any band. I myself listen to bands like Crossfade and Disturbed, but then I also listen to heavier things like Metallica and Dragonforce. But it's not just music. It's how you are. And who you are. So before you pathetic chav's go to pick on that 'freak' think about this. Who's more pathetic? The kid in black or you, going to pick on him because your self esteem is too low and your ego too big. Not to mention your pants don't stay up.
Chav:look at that goth what a loserrrrr
Chav2:i know right? let's go make fun of that weirdo
Chav1:what are you, goth, a VAMPIRE?
Goth:uh no?
Chav2: he is definitely a vampire dude.
Goth:go away, your arrogance and ignorance combined are enough to bring the armageddon.
Chav1: dude this guy makes NO sense
by Darkshadow7965156 February 23, 2007
A person isnt classfified a goth just because of piercings or because of wearing black clothing, but that is the typical stereotype. You wear Black and you're automaticlaly said to be gothic, well, do people look like architecture to others?

Its the realistic outlook on life. You've had a reality check, realized that everyone is slowly dying each day. Realized, you may have it better then others, realized that the world isnt all happy skippy as people make it out to be. You realize Death could happen at any time, that there is something more out there then what you know.

Gothic people have a deep sense of lyrical poetry and ability to write, using experience and life to feed off of to write, not all goths are suicidal, depressive and cutt. Goths are almost always there for others, and make close friends, and stand by them with any of their desisions. They wish to prove that you dont have to be popular and fit in. That you are your own person, that you shouldnt have to conform to what everyone else does.

the music and cloths are frequent, but you can wear pink and listen to pop music and still be gothic for your looks on life and your outlook of everything else. Most are well read, and intellectual, easy to talk to using slight slang. No one's perfect, but they are most gramatically correct having studied deep into literature and theatre.
No example
by mortaliscaedes January 28, 2004
An especially gloomy offshoot of the punk movement, slowing down and adding keyboards and more danceable drumming. Although primarily an 80's movement as music, the fashion sense has frequently been ripped off by young metal fans and artists (ala. marilyn Manson, Korn, etc.) creating a new subculture calling themselves goths. fairly large remnant goth scene continues to thrive among slightly older individuals in clubs and cities around the globe.
Sisters of mercy, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Fields of the Nephilim
by PostPunk April 17, 2003
To many people, Goths are : unhappy people, wanting to kill themselves, and listen to ' goth ' music..

But to me they are : Happy people trying to have fun, not wanting to kill themselves and listen to GOOD music.

<3 Goths <3
Omg look at that goth! he is unhappy and wants to kill himself! he loves Satan!! - Normal Person

That Goths cool ;) <3 much love <3 - Normal'er person :P
by <3 Goths <3 September 12, 2007
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