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The saviour of the Russian people. Gorbachev inherited an economically crippled soviet union. Through the socio-political reforms of the Perestroika program, Gorbachev raised the standard of living, increased the civil liberties of the Russian (soviet) peoples and dissolved the threat of a Nuclear Holocaust.
There should be a statue of Gorbachev in Russia, not Stalin.
by starky September 05, 2008
A lewd act, in which one is having oral sex performed on them by a chemo patient over 50, wherein the person receiving the sexual act ejaculates onto the female's bald forehead in the shape of Mikhail Gorbachev's famous birthmark.
Dude, I totally gave Hannah a gorbachev the other day.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
1. In short, "da man"

2. The man who aided the dilapidated, mud-splattered Soviet people in obtaining the freedom they desired by liberalizing the Soviet system in unprecendened ways.
If it weren't for Gorbachev, we'd still be wearing Adias sweatpants and sandals with socks.....

oh wait...
by Albert Miaskovsky August 22, 2004
A traitor of people of Soviet Union. Using “perestroika” crushed USSR economy put an entire country in chaos and disarray that brought countless wars and deaths of tenths of thousands.
Greatly disliked in Russia.
Gorbachev prodal Sovetskiy Souz za Nobelevskou Premiu Mira.
by Matreshk July 10, 2005