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E pill that hitts hard
"ey bluhd do you know where i can get some smackers?"
by ashkina June 21, 2007
Slang or Street Name for MDMA (Ectasy).
The pill or pills is so potent its like a smacker hits you.
by oaktown_finest October 23, 2006
An old east coast term for dollars, usually enough to smack someone in the face with and they wouldn't care
"The ransom asked was 'a Hundred Thousand Smackers!"
-Billy Halop in Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)
by SkullsAndDice March 15, 2011
1: another word for lips
that girl's got some big smackers.
by bbram October 09, 2010
A hundred dollar bill.So called because of all the juicey stufvf it can buy.
I had sex with five prostitutes last night.I paid for it with a smacker.
by Deep blue 2012 January 13, 2010
1.(n) A stupid, inept, or dorky person.

2.(n) A person who jerks off.
Many people labeled George W. Bush a "smacker" after his handling of the presidency.

What kind of "smacker" do you have to be to get your dick caught in the orange juicer?
by Locker January 25, 2007
A word for currency.
Means dollars.
Can I please have 50 smackers so that I can go to the store and buy a bottle of whiskey?
by toe April 01, 2005
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