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6 definitions by Phunkspace

A lewd act similar to a hot carl. Whereas a hot carl involves shitting in someone's mouth and taping it shut, a hot wendy substitutes a used tampon for the fecal matter.
I totally gave Howe a Hot Wendy.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
A lewd act in which, while a man is having vaginal sex with a woman from behind (doggy-style), he inserts the wrong end of a spiked dildo into her anus, so that it sticks up like the tail of the dinosaur from whom it takes its name.
I hear Sam gave Kate a Stegosaurus.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
A lewd act in which vermont maple syrup is used as a sexual lubricant, specificaly when said syrup is licked off of one's nipples. Canadian maple syrup is unacceptable, and, frankly, disgusting.
I saw a video of Ben Johns giving some woman a Pride of Montpelier
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
A lewd act, in which a man ejaculates into a sexual partner (man or woman)'s mouth, that partner then mixing the man's semen with their own saliva and spitting it back onto the man's member, which is then sucked dry by a second partner.
I hear Mike Chapman got the brooklyn pickle on the other night with those fine-ass coeds.

I hope that when I have a threeway with Brian Howe, he does not ask me to do the brooklyn pickle.
by Phunkspace April 20, 2005
A lewd act, in which one is having oral sex performed on them by a chemo patient over 50, wherein the person receiving the sexual act ejaculates onto the female's bald forehead in the shape of Mikhail Gorbachev's famous birthmark.
Dude, I totally gave Hannah a gorbachev the other day.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
The descendants of Spanish-Armada-era marriages between shipwrecked Spanish sailors and the women of the island that they nearly invariably washed up on, Ireland. They had no practical way to return to Spain (due to a complete lack of a large enough vessel to sail the north atlantic), and therefore lived out the remainder of their lives on the emerald isle. Their multiracial children had skin of a darker hue than the often pale Irish, and in accordance with the notoriety of Irish racism, these children were labeled "Black Irish" and often found themselves to be outcasts. Centuries of generational breeding have pretty much eliminated any noticeable difference between those with Black Irish blood and those without.
Juan O'malley is Black Irish.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005