insecure geek
I have like finnaly managed to hook up with a female now i know every one wants to get into her pants especially all those guys that like talk to her they are just asking to be flamed on technoskape
by truth hurts May 16, 2003
1)To grab someone's butt check(s) with all 4 fingers and thumb of one hand as if by the beak of a goose. Element of surprise very important.
2)To grab a woman for the very first time in the genital area. Done quickly and without finesse or foreplay. If a finger or two penetrates the vagina, so much the better. Element of surprise very important.
3)To stick your thumb up another person's butthole (or vagina). Element of surprise essential.
I goosed my brother as we came up the stairs outta the Tube.

I goosed Nancy's snatch once I decided the first date wasn't working out.

Once I saw her naked I knew I didn't want to fuck her. She was coyote ugly, I goosed her instead. She just thought I was getting her ready for anal.
by Jake February 03, 2004
a verb: to step on the accelerator of an automobile... to floor it
Passenger to driver: Goose it!
by g-speezy April 21, 2004
A strange cockney bus driver who most likely likes to soap up little boys. Can't drive for toffee.
Goose just tried to rape when i got of the bus!
by Mervin Bethell March 16, 2004
Gentlemans Organization Of the Socially Expressive
by Jungle Jim March 12, 2004
Someone who's being/acting silly or says stupid things.
Nik, your such a goose!
by Dee_izme May 10, 2006
1. A feathered, winged creature that is often found at ponds or lakes
2. A member of the opposite sex (usually female) who is obsessed with a member of their opposite sex, but with little chance of ever having a relationship with them
3. A member of a relationship who is overly clingy to their other half, to the point of becoming frustrating for the object of their devotion
1. "Watch out for the goose in the road!"
2. "That girl is a total goose"
3. My girlfriend can be such a goose!
by EddyB February 07, 2005
Word used to describe feeling when someone asks you to do something tiresome like retrieving the TV remote from upstairs or going to take the garbage out.
An insult to someone dumb or ditsy.
A featherd bird that waddles, honks, and tastes delicious.
"I really can't be goosed to be honest"
"You are such a goose/ you big goose!"
"The goose pecked me"
by matty July 30, 2004

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