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1) (Expression) (Informal): A bursting feeling of extreme joy or exultation beyond any other conceivable form of expression. Usually voiced in a high pitched, uniquely individual sound, sometimes not even similar to the original word - it really depends on how excited the individual is.

2) (Noun) (Informal): To describe one's elation about a particular thing or situation. Pronounced in the same way as above.

Origin: First derived from High-School geometry assignments where angles of a shape needed to be solved. The angles that were already solved for you were labeled as "Given".
- Giiiiveens!, Giv!, Givens!,

- Dude, I broke into a yacht last night by the harbour and stole all of their expensive booze.

Are you serious? Thats a givens!
by Dr. Rand Mcnally September 29, 2010
A word used in the teenage "The Clique" series. Used in a sentence to give an assurance to someone.
Massie: "Alicia, can you help me get a date with Derrington?"

Alicia: "Given."
by Moromo August 21, 2006
To be a genius and a higher class than everyone else also know as a McCleary
I sure wish I was a Givens so I could pass my quantum physics test
by Bullfroggggg May 13, 2011
1.A weasel ass person who is raised one regularly because they are such a douche bag.

2.someone who performs gay like moves on people of the same sex. Usually on a team of some sort.
"Nick is being such a given! " ya
Raise him one"
by So909Cal February 11, 2009