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7 definitions by Caexar

An act of defication that is so strenuous it involves the removal of an article of clothing, especially the shirt.
After Thanksgiving I usually have a Costanza.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
Any person made with a synthetic polymer silicone skin with a rigid and jointed skeleton.
My new girlfriend is quiet but a lot of people claim that is a Polymerisian characteristic.
by Caexar August 20, 2011
A blumpkin that involves diarrhea. Could lead to a chili dog.
After Taco Bell, I love a good hyper blumpkin.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
A wingman that laughs at all of his own jokes even if they aren't funny.
If it weren't for Iceman's laughing, I wouldn't know he was joking.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
The noise made when a girl wearing tight pants farts. It must be a squeaky fart to be a junior mint. Several of these episodes may be called a box of junior mints.
She cut a junior mint. That Cheryl sure likes to junior mint.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
A third wingman that questions everything that the you and your wingman might do i.e. hobbies, musical tastes, etc. Always one of pessimistic behavior.
I know this movie is good because Goose didn't like it.
by Caexar January 07, 2007
A maneuver done during sex, where a man slips and goes into the wrong hole, the idea being that he really wanted the "wrong" hole so he pretended to slip into it.
Last night, the wife and I came back from the bar so drunk, I gave her the ol' freudian slip.
by Caexar February 07, 2007