when ones forearm and hand create the image of a goose and thrust the hand into anothers chest.
oh snap, you just got goosed
by sir ler February 23, 2009
n. A term of endearment generally used to describe a member of the preferred sex that one finds cute, lovable, and sweet.
I cannot believe you woke up so early just to come visit me for fifteen minutes. You are such a wonderful goose.
by mrgnfnx February 17, 2009
Someone who is silly; or did something silly.
Person 1: Today I accidentally called my teacher Mom.
Person 2: lol you goose!
by aura c. May 12, 2007
a very silly person.
Meagan is a goose and loves to go crazy from time to time.
by Alex Fam October 14, 2006
to goose, goosing, goosed

similar to 'copping a feel,' in which the gooser uses the hand to grab or caress the goosee's ass. There are different levels, of gossing, depending on the area goosed.
"You goosed me!!"

He didn't just cop a feel, he goosed me!
by Aleekza December 21, 2003
1. Any one of a group of birds of the duck family, intermediate between ducks and swans.
2. Someone who is very sexually active.
3. With the word "Proffessor" as a prefix, it means a cool, funny, intelligent and loveable guy.
1. See that bird over there, its a goose!
2. Terrence the pimp is such a goose, sometimes I think his cock mighjt fall off!
3.You know Tom Browne? He's so great,I'd call him a Proffessor Goose.
by Tom Browne July 31, 2005
Those things that are in Adam's bed. Large birds.
"Ouch, not the Golden Geese!" cried Adam.
by Yellowsnow March 09, 2004

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