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something done when one is bored and doesn't really feel like cooking or any of that shit.
man, got so fried i ate babies.
by defect December 13, 2004
70 31
or to eat one's babies, vb.
To do well, to triumph over someone
to humiliate someone
How'd the debate go?
Oh, man! I ate their babies! They looked so sad.
by Hanz Von Steiner March 09, 2005
65 47
To swallow when going down on a guy
Barbra said she's never gonna eat babies again after I called her a cannibal last time.
by Jew Lightning August 25, 2007
26 13
A multipurpose retort meaning "shut the hell up" or "suck on that".
Made more effective by adding "Bitch".
"Haha your face is too big for your head."
"Eat babies bitch!"
by Boylio April 04, 2007
8 21
Smoking marijuana. Used to make parents and teachers think youre a cannibal rather than a stoner.
hey my parents are out of town wanna eat babies at my house?
by Lord Farquad September 20, 2006
12 29