insecure geek
I have like finnaly managed to hook up with a female now i know every one wants to get into her pants especially all those guys that like talk to her they are just asking to be flamed on technoskape
by truth hurts May 16, 2003
To stick something up someone's butt, such as a remote control, a hand or even a broomstick.
Every night I goose James Klein, and he begs for more.
by g00s3 March 13, 2009
A mild insult, meaning a daft person. Mainly used in a joking fashion, while lightly punching the recipient on the arm.
1. You big silly goose.
2. Jeez, you're such a goose!
by TheRotArm July 07, 2004
1. The late friend of 'Maverick.'
2. One who takes well to 'Great Balls of Fire.'
1. "Goose! Pull out! GOOOSEEE!"
2. "You shake my nerves, and rattle my brain..." - Goose
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 18, 2003
To take another females money.
If you took a females money, you would say "I just goosed her".
by Natural K September 08, 2009
an alchoholic drink made of juice and goon (usually white goon and orange juice)there are also other types of said drink such as gift (lift and goon)or any soft drink with goon (that dont make you throw up)
last week end blake was so trashed, him and the footy boys went out and got goosed!
by tayza June 12, 2008
Commonly known as Girlongus or GOG.

Goose; a very odd critter who names peoples children for them. Also loves to go off-topic on forums. Goose is often a goofball. Is loved by all.
Topic: My dog got eaten by a huge snake! *Tears*
Goose: OMG! Rat would eat babies!
Goose again: HAHAHAHA! I win!

"That girl is so Goose."
by MikaTheronsMum January 05, 2007
the worst insult possible with the least effort
Yo, your such a goose.
by dingdonghello2 November 02, 2009

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