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7 definitions by Half

Anyone who is a GOP spokespig who permanently menstruates and has never made a valid point in all her years on the planet. She has no real job other than "author", which she feels puts her in a unique place to spout off witless ejaculations and make nonsensical claims about politics. In her book, she may claim to be a Libertarian, but still think that America should be the iron fist of the world which is as anti-Libertarian a stance as possible. Basically, an Ann Coulter is an anti-freedom pig who when asked about the idiocies in the Republican Party, will point the finger at a Kennedy either 1000 miles away or 50 years in the past.
Did you see that nasty pig Jane today? She was saying that religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the other things our country was built on should be thrown out! What an Anne Coulter!
by Half February 12, 2005
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The fucking stupidest movie ever produced. So mind-numbingly stupid and pointless that it has been linked to causing cancer in chimpanzees.

Supposedly an outrageously funny and witty movie. Your friends are lying to you. Throughout the course of the movie, your friends wanted to stab themselves in the ears and eyeballs to stop the misery. When it was over, they were in a state of shock from having lost 90 minutes of their lives and/or having flushed $8 down the drain. Angry inside, they decided to inflict this misery on everyone they know by spreading the word that it's a great movie.

You will not be entertained. You will not be uplifted. You will not be engaged in the storyline as it does not have one. You will not be inspired. You may laugh once, perhaps twice, as idiots never seem to tire of other idiots falling over or hurting each other. Think "America's Stupidest Home Videos" in the late 80's.

People will tell you that it has a bunch of great quotes. It doesn't. The quotes aren't great, they're just easy to remember, so anyone can pick up on them and recognize them when they come out of some other idiot's mouth. Maybe I will! Gosh! Hardy har.
Person 1: You actually watched Napoleon Dynamite?

Person 2: Yeah, it was so funny when...when...uh...

Person 1: *Slaps*
by Half February 17, 2005
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The utterance or transcribing of this word is the sure sign of an internet loser. For concerned parties, also look for pwned and pwnage. Basically started as leetards making typos in their own stupid language, and now passes for humor amongst zit-faced boys or 40 year old men trying to fit in with zit-faced boys.
My name is Fata1ity! I will pwn you!
by Half February 12, 2005
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A goose is a person who acts different towards his friends in certain social situations. One in the act of being a goose is thus, Goosing.
Man, Lou's girl came around, so he started goosin'....talkin bout takin her here and there, and buyin' her this and that.
by Half February 13, 2003
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The second lamest smiley ever. The first is :E. Again, has no real meaning except to convey the degree of nerdness. Appropriately, it is overused by forum nerds and those who idolize them for some odd reason.
1. Hentai is my favorite! :B
2. I just finished this new hack! :B
3. J00 g0t pwned! :B
by Half February 01, 2005
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The lamest smilie ever. Has no real meaning, which is why many idiots routinely use it after sentences that would otherwise convey a valid meaning. Only used by forum nerds and the even bigger forum nerds that idolize them.
1. Have a look at this website dedicated to japanese animation! :E

2. 1337 $p33k is so funny! :E

3. I have never had sex with a woman and hold my sister's panties up to my face when I masturbate! :E
by Half February 01, 2005
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Don't believe that other guy.

According to the 5 Percent Nation of Islam (NOI), the people of the world are broken down into 3 categories:

The 85% that don't know the truth, the 10% that know the truth but preach the exact opposite, and the 5% that know the truth and speak it. The "truth", according to the Nation of Islam is that the Black Man is "God", and the White Man is "The Devil".

The name of the song is "Get By", the artist was Busta Rhymes, and the lyric in reference is as follows:
"If you was 5 percent, instead of actin' stupid and guessing, you have to go and study your lessons and know your math in the building sessions".
by Half February 18, 2005
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