An object or occurrence which inspires feelings of joy and excitement within an individual usually without expectation or warning of the goodness of the thing. (Can also be applied to the actions of a person)
When you slapped my ex-boyfriend, I didn't realize it would be so goose!
by KatcUp February 09, 2010
To fail in a highly important round in a competative computer game.
Man, you should have clutched that, you totally Goosed it!
by aimbotcfg February 06, 2010
a sexy little love machine who likes it in the shower
goose:the water feels great thereeee...
by sillygooseberry. June 20, 2009
n; one who is never serious, constantly plays around; a joker; a foolish person; goes along with the slang term soulja boi
Daniel: Ey, you kno ma homie antwan
Austin: Yea.
Daniel: Man he a straight up goose!
Austin: Yea, he is a goose soulja boi.
by DanOfThorp August 04, 2008
Word referring to one who is acquainted with alcohol in such a way that they are so hammered, they begin to act and sound like the very animal.
*Hammered man dancing on street wielding Grey Goose in one hand and Smirnoff in the other*

Bystander, "Is it just me, or is that man a goose!"

Other bystander, "It appears that he is."

*Loud thump is heard by all in the vicinity*

Other bystander, "Now it appears he is roadkill."
by FlamingDonuthole911 July 03, 2010
When a person has a very noticable way of swaying their hips from side to side, usually in a seductive manner
Dude, she gots a nice goose
by Dlavitz March 11, 2009
Just your average looking girl. In between a hot gorgeous girl (juice) and a overweight female (moose). When your at a party and there are a ton of girls there, but none of them are hot and none of them are are in the presence of a whole flock of geese.
"I didnt get a good look at that girl"
"Oh dont worry she was just a goose"

"So whats the juice situation at this party?"
"Dude were surrounded by a whole flock of geese".
by biggggss September 23, 2009

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