insecure geek
I have like finnaly managed to hook up with a female now i know every one wants to get into her pants especially all those guys that like talk to her they are just asking to be flamed on technoskape
by truth hurts May 16, 2003
1. A word better than good.

2. Sarcasm on the word good.
1. These fries are so goose~!

2. He keeps lying to you, he's such a goose friend!
by Felixbunny November 20, 2010
An individual who tells Lies (stories).
Mack is such a goose, he said he brought all those beers to the party?!
by The Smoke Dog November 22, 2011
White people.
Look at that Goose. Fucking honky's.
by Fletchskii October 12, 2011
To have several bowel movements in a short period of time.
I ate tour catering and Iv'e been shitting like a GOOSE!!
A word used to call "dibs" on a hot girl when spotted with a group of friends. Also, "Moose" is used instead of "Milf".
Person 1: "Goose!"

Person 2: "Nice! She's a cutie"
by TogetherLikeBros August 13, 2011
Another term for the word Good, but a much higher level of good.
Guy 1: hey, did you see that car crash down the block?

Guy 2: yeah man, it was mad goose.
by I Fatality X February 27, 2010
Something very energetic, explosive or fast. Origin unknown for sure, but follow a goose around for a while and you'll probably find out where the term comes from...
Coach: Get round that race track like crap through a goose!


Husband: Honey, we're gonna be late. Get down the stairs like crap through a goose!
by LastBloke February 24, 2010

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