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awesome. dope. cool. mint. fresh. rad. best.

usually used similarly to "what's good?"

so say "what's goose"

or if you are real hip,

"whiz goose" or "s'goose?" or just plain "goose"

it can also be used as a substitute for almost any words - if you possess the skill and dome to do so.
"what's goose johnny"

"not shit, my girl just slapped me, but it's all goose. What's goose with you bre?"

"not shit, just eating a sub"

"word, well let's get goose on some leggy blondes later"

"that's whaz goose ma man, that's whaz goose."
by bigdaddyporksword August 08, 2014
To awkwardly walk away from a conversation you no longer want to engage in.
"This girl started to talk about marriage, so I had to goose."

"Me and Nikki met this creepy dude we couldn’t handle him, so we double goosed."
by Sofizzle May 24, 2014

related forms: Goosed; Goosing; getting goosed
1. To be the the main event or attraction of a social gathering. i.e. "The life of the party" While still maintaining a high level of social competence.

2. One who can consume mass quantity of alcohol without succombing the effects of being overtly or heavily intoxicated (at least to most physical appearances). TO stave off becoming a "hot mess", or "that skanky girl"
3. a person(s) who party's, hard, and still maintains keeping it classy.
"Damn that fine ass bitch over their is goose as fuck yo!"
"I'mma bout to Goose the life out of this party, seriously."
"That chick over there is Goosing so hard right now, I can't take my eyes off of her, I think I'm in love."
"I would wife that goose."
by partyyyface December 29, 2011
A term of endearment to a close buddy. Either when they are being silly, or when you are trying to get their attention.
Allie - Hey Goose!
Alicia - What?!
Allie - Look at that skoozey!
by twoanonymouses December 28, 2008
a person's soul mate. comes from Duck Duck Goose.
amy: i can't believe you're marrying ben!!! im so happy for you!!!
claire: i know!!! he's my goose, i love him so much!!!
by muahahaha... September 21, 2011
to find a hot chick take home and goose ( sex )
big booty latin chick you wanna goose with!!
by seakoner January 27, 2011

A person who ruins all fun, who is uncool and generally awkward, which makes other people feel awkward around them.
As geese (the animal) are obnoxious, loud and on the whole annoying, they are the definitive anti-bro who goes against all fun-having.
Bro1: So I was rocking this one party the other night, man and bro, it was sweet. That is until Arthur showed up.
Bro2: Why, what happened, man?
Bro1: He called the cops as soon as we started playing beer-pong, we all had to run for it.
Bro2: What a goose!
by Sublime_bawt June 17, 2011