awesome. dope. cool. mint. fresh. rad. best.

usually used similarly to "what's good?"

so say "what's goose"

or if you are real hip,

"whiz goose" or "s'goose?" or just plain "goose"

it can also be used as a substitute for almost any words - if you possess the skill and dome to do so.
"what's goose johnny"

"not shit, my girl just slapped me, but it's all goose. What's goose with you bre?"

"not shit, just eating a sub"

"word, well let's get goose on some leggy blondes later"

"that's whaz goose ma man, that's whaz goose."
by bigdaddyporksword August 08, 2014
the drunkest, dumbest, most absurd person at the party
Mikey was definitely the goose last night, god that kid is a dumbass
by the wet d May 21, 2013
to stick up your hand in a goose-looking manner, as to find a lost person in a large group of people.
Me: I stuck up the goose, I'm so glad you goosed back, bro!
Karl: I'm so glad I know the goose!
by TravisPastrana199 May 08, 2011
to find a hot chick take home and goose ( sex )
big booty latin chick you wanna goose with!!
by seakoner January 27, 2011
(Slang): A gangster.
A goose roams the streets at night.
by Accordion December 11, 2010
In reference to something being down, with it, or awesome. Derived from down products made of goose.
that was goose!
by FrankieJ1s December 04, 2010
Is a playful way to say sex, smash, and all terms to say fuck! It comes from the game "duck duck goose" but was used in a game called "hide go get it." Also it commonly from the pants pressing days as a child.
I want to goose you down? Ok, lets goose!
by Mropevargas November 17, 2010

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